Planet Eclipse LV1.5 JRAB Limited Edition  *mint*

Planet Eclipse LV1.5 JRAB Limited Edition *mint*

This doesn't come up too often in this condition!

LV1.5 JRAB Limited Edition....complete with everything like new including original cardboard box with "JRab" signature.  Just over 2 cases shot & not a single wear mark found.



The Ego LV1.1 receives a facelift along with an enhanced trigger through the introduction of the Ego LV1.5 by Planet Eclipse.

Internally, the Ego LV1.5 is identical to the Ego LV1.1 platform which has been tried and tested by players and pros alike. The increased internal LPR chamber provides consistent velocity and a smoother shot profile. Even with the most brittle of paint, the LV1.5 performs flawlessly without trouble and can be adjusted for different weather conditions.

Other features that crossover include the 14.5” two piece Shaft Pro barrel. The Shaft Pro barrel was developed through the help of some of the top Pro players in the world; giving way to a barrel with precision accuracy.

The LV1 revolutionized the Ego platform with its internal adjustability that allows users to separate the action of the rammer and bolt from the action of the valve. By doing so, the gun requires less force and in turn results in a smoother shot. Air is more consistent when shooting the paintball and this reduces kick and also makes the gun quieter. When Planet Eclipse introduced this new technology in their LV1, it completely changed the game. No longer was the Planet Eclipse recognized as a “standard” poppet valve gun. The Ego LV1.5 is more comparable now to the feel of spool valve guns which feature a much smoother shot but it still has the function of a poppet valve marker.

As with all Ego LV series guns, the Ego LV1.5 features a Zick3 Rammer, an AT Pipe, On/Off POPS ASA, non-slip foregrip, cure 5 bolt, and lever locking clamping feed neck.

Even though the LV1.5 has the smooth shot similar to spool valve markers, it boasts the reliability and simplicity of poppet valve guns.



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